Holy Rollers Inc

We plan to fulfill our ultimate goal of encompassing the greatness that today's youth to create a better tomorrow.


Making a difference​ because together we can do better.

I am Certified by ISSA as Personal Trainer and CPR Certified 2022, Military & Law enforcement background. Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with a specialty in Holistic training For Children, Youth, Adults & Seniors.

Our purpose and mission is to inspire, encourage, equip and support our youth to grow into a fully mature successful person in Christ Jesus. We will give our youth the tools and skills to maximize their opportunities in this walk of life with God.
We can and will strengthen their mental abilities, emotional intelligence, physical strength and most importantly their spiritual beliefs in God through his Word.

In our organization, we will nurture and cultivate Love through our Faith and Hope in our Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

-“Let the Children come to me” -Jesus



— Togetherness: Learn to accomplish your goals as a team.


— Wisdom: Acquire wisdom through the truthful information and develop your Godly-Character by God's word.


— God: Learn who He is, through His Son-Christ Jesus. His life, character and what He accomplished for you.


— Never die. Never surrender!...Attitude, in the pursuit of your dreams and goals. ​


— Help out our communities by influencing positive change.


— Neighborhood support: Collaborating/supporting other groups within our community who work to uplift our neighborhood in a constructive and biblical manner with Christ as the sole foundation.


— Daily prayer and the meditation of the inerrant word of God, while encouraging fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.


— Evangelizing in other communities of the good news!!! That God is reconciling all things through Christ, his beloved Son to have a loving relationship with you through Jesus Christ.


— Encourage each other and holding each other accountable, in order to bring about maturity in the marathon of our lives.


— Above all, by the truth, loving each other and bearing good fruits that remain, in order that God may be glorified and you getting the satisfaction of it.


In my humble opinion, these three websites are excellent outside resources for Christ centered biblical counseling, biblically sermons, podcast, books, articles etc. These resources will elevate and excel your knowledge of who you are, why you exist and who exactly is The God of the Bible. Please feel free to click the links below and try it out for yourselves. May God’s peace and grace be with you always in our Lord Jesus Christ.